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Using our Real Estate Tools

Under the Real Estate Tab in the menu bar you will find four tools to aid you in your search for real estate.

The first tool is a list of my listings as an agent. You can also go back to the home page and use the same tab to view all of the listings that currently has.

The second tool is an interactive map of all of the listings within our MLS. You can see icons that denote homes and property for sale. By clicking on the icons, you can gain more information about these properties.

The third tool is a form that you can fill out with your details of what you are seeking. By entering the data, the MLS will return you a list of properties that meet the criteria that you enter.

The fourth tool is a form to fill out to find real estate open houses in the area.

You may also choose to have links to our MLS Search Tools emailed to you.


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How to Use

This technology is called "REALStrap"™. It by was developed by WEBinfused.com to bring people together to network both face to face and online. Contained in this application is the brokerages' social media identities and contact information. The application also contains the each agent's Real Estate MLS links (their listings, open house search and MLS search). All this information can be viewed, downloaded, emailed or electronically captured by you from within this programming.

You will find a directory of agents and staff that work for the business.

Since you appear to be on a tablet or computer, you likely see a combination of buttons, linked pictures and a tabbed index to access information. By clicking on the buttons or tabs you can access all the information mentioned. If you were on a smartphone, you would see buttons and the social media icons to access the information.

By clicking on the social media icons at the top of the page, you can connect to the brokerage via social media.

The About section provides a short bio of each agent.

The Contact section provides each agent's cell and office phone numbers, mailing address, email and website information. If you are using a device that supports the linking function you can click on the link to call, email or visit the website.

The Real Estate section contains links to the agent's Listings, their Open House Search and their MLS Search site. These may be opened and read directly on your device. The Real Estate section also has a place where you can enter your email and have all of theses MLS links sent to you by email. The email will also contain an attachment with the agent's Vcard (Electronic Business Card) that can be loaded and saved directly into your computing device.

On most Smartphones, this is the only way to import and save the Vcard. On tablets and computers, you can also choose to directly load the Vcard from the top of the page to the write of the agent's portrait and just below the Skype link.

On tablets and computers, there is a QR Code that can be scanned by your smartphone to connect to the agent through the mobile format of this page. If you have scanning software, this can be a very quick process.

If you need further assistance, please feel free to email us at Operations@webinfused.com

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